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Connect with me on LinkedIn, where I spend most of my time. You can message me and I propably will respond.

Connect with me on XING, which I happen to have since, like StudiVZ, Girocard and HBCI, Germans seem to always want to have their own version of something popular.

Follow me on Twitter, which I happened to use more in the past and where I am proud to say that I have more than 1,000 followers!

Find me on Facebook and talk to me via Messsenger.

I have also used Instagram some time in my life. I think it's cool but I am just not into making photos (except for baby photos).

I hate WhatsApp, so don't try to send me messages there. Call me, email me, SMS me instead. The UX just sucks and, just like with Skype, it annoys me that so many people are using it.

Check out my GitHub profile, where you can see me being totally nerdy.

Watch my YouTube videos, if there are any. Not sure I ever uploaded one... but you can watch YouTube videos about me.

Or simply Google me, where you will find lots of embarrassing things. But since you will do it anyways, I want to be upfront here.

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