Strategy Consulting

  • Make-or-buy analysis

    When both buying or building a new product offering or new technology are an option, we help you make that decision.

  • Streamlining development processes

    We analyse your current development processes against best practices and suggest organizational changes to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Decision memos for control boards and shareholders

    Shareholders, supervisory boards and other stakeholders need to be brought along when making the move to digital. We help you do that.

  • Technology impact review

    When you are unsure how strategic decisions may impact your technology or development teams, we help you understand that.

  • Technology & development review

    You are unsure whether your teams or your technology are top notch? We help you put your performance in perspective.

Operational Implementation

  • IT project management

    We leverage our network of designers and developers to deliver your new web or mobile application.

  • Sourcing, screening, selection and management of IT service agencies

    Having the experience running large development projects, we help you not only to find but also to manage your IT service agencies.

  • Minimum Viable Product Testing

    Every new business is based on strong hypotheses. We verify these hypotheses by building and deploying a minimum viable product.

  • Lean Digital Product Management

    A web or mobile app that your customers love are key to success. We help you deliver that in a lean and iterative way.

Organization & HR Development

  • Digital Project Management Training

    We enable your teams to understand drivers of digital projects so they can run the projects themselves.

  • "Understand digital" Workshops

    For many people the development department is a black box. We lift the curtains on something that is more obvious than most people think.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    We share our knowledge and our experience so your team gets better. In 1-on-1 sessions we help individuals manage digital projects and lead developers.

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