May 29, 2018

For everyone who is using or planing to use Slack, here's something I realized lately: A slack channel is nothing else than an office room for remote workers.

Let me explain:

When you add someone to a slack channel without introducing the person to the rest of the team, it's like as if you were putting someone at a desk in an office without telling everyone around who that person is. Suddenly, a random person is sitting next to you, listing to what you talk, kinda creepily working on their stuff without saying a thing. Likewise, the person is dropped into a room full of people he/she doesn't know and everyone is talking seemingly relaxed about things he/she doesn't understand (inside jokes etc). For everyone this is an awkward situation.

What has worked for us in the past: Whenever a new person joins the slack channel, we have an all-hands video call to properly introduce that person to everyone. Each person was saying something about themselves and why they are here and where they can be of help. Even though I prepared some talking points, most the time an healthy discussion started and I had to almost remind everyone that we still have some other work to do. :)


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